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I dont think im a self righteous prude but When i Joined this industry 3 yrs ago I was told it was a tight knit community that shared information and helped each other . While Ive found some exemplerary examples of that theres been one area that has been as bad or worse than any industry Ive been involved in so far. If you advertise a second hand machinery please make clear + GST or Including GST . If you make a deal over the Phone and some one goes to get a bankcheck to honour that deal its pretty bad if they come back to read an E mail saying , Oh I sold that to someone else who offered more. PLEASE surely if we truly do have a strong community ,once a deal is done, word given .... surely you honour that.

Phillip Pauly
by Phillip Pauly on 10th Jan 2019 and last modified 1 year 10 months ago