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Spray Hoods - Poly Chemical Spray Hood

Polymate Spray Hoods - Specifically designed and engineered for Macadamia Plantations and Citurs and Avocado Farms across Australia.

Minimize your chemical output by reducing wind drift and over spray with a confined consistent coverage.

Super durable poly rotomoulded Spray Hood from Grade A non recycled material, with all the added benefits of polyethylene, such as no rust, no rot, extreme strength and durability, Polymate's Spray Hoods are unlike any others.

Complete with Silvan Tee Jets, Hose Connectors and a fully adjustable spring loaded pivet arm allowing you to adjust the distance and angle away from your vehicle and the spring feature which allows the Spray Hood to simply bounce off and allowing tree integrity and protection.

From $950.00
exc freight
Multiple discounts apply
by Polymate on 24th Jul 2018 and last modified 2 years 7 months ago