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Macadamia Nutcracker MKII

McKEECO Single Chamber Direct Drive Nutcracker is a commercial unit designed to crack up to 550kg/hr of ungraded nut in shell, using a rotary cracking action against blades. Pictured with optional vibrating 33 litre infeed.
The cracking wheel is driven by a motor gearbox combination mounted directly onto the wheel shaft. The cracking chamber is also mounted directly to the face of the heavy duty gearbox.

• Motor 0.75kW 1 Phase or 3 Phase
• Components
- Cracking chamber fitted with nutcracker blades
- Stainless steel delivery chute
- Drive: Motor and gearbox
• Price for a Single Chamber with heavy duty gearbox AUD$6,850 + GST
• Price for optional Vibrating Infeed System AUD$2,550 + GST
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by McKEECO General Engineering Pty Ltd on 12th May 2017 and last modified 3 years 9 months ago