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Macadamia Seeds Wanted


I live in Tampa Florida and currently am working on growing macadamia trees here. It is difficult to get any good information as there are very few around here that know anything about these trees. There is no supply of trees here so we are having to propagate our own through the few that we have. We have some of the following varieties: A4, A38, A16, A344, Queen Ann, H10, and some hybrids of these. We have tried cuttings with some success and air layering with much greater success. We have done a little grafting but it is difficult for us to get viable seeds as the ones we have gotten from Hawaii and California don't seem to germinate at a great percentage (our trees are not quite mature enough to bear nuts yet and we would like to start growing some this season) Not sure if the flight over here freezes the nuts or if they are not fresh enough when they are sent over.
Can you please advise on the best nut for rootstock? Any idea who may supply us with some? Has there been research on what the best variety for rootstock and if so where might I find this research? Do you know of any micro grafting procedures? Any advice at all is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your time.

Kind Regards,

by Angelique Carter on 30th Jul 2016 and last modified 2 years 8 months ago