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Nut processing and value-add equipment for sale


Nut Solutions Australia supplies quality equipment and machinery to enable nut producers to better manage their operations, create value-add products and save time and effort.

Based in Tasmania, we are fully Australian owned and operated.

The equipment we source is manufactured by small to medium sized engineers in the USA and NZ who stand behind the quality of their products. These manufacturers have worked with producers to design tailored solutions to common challenges faced in the nut industry.

We have three main product lines:

1) Nut Harvesters - pick up nuts quickly and easily, so you don't need to bend, stoop or kneel. Easily operated by anyone. Suitable for all kinds of nuts.

2) Nut Crackers and Dehuskers - both motor-driven and hand operated models available. Different models suitable for domestic and commercial operations. Works with many different types of nuts, but especially suitable for macadamias, hazelnuts and almonds.

3) Oil Press - precision cold-screw oil press. Suitable for virtually all nuts, seeds and other oil-based agricultural commodities, including beans and olives. Produces cold pressed oil and nutritious, high-protein meal. Oil also suitable as biofuel.

Please visit: or contact John Pethybridge on 0407 847 170 or for more information.
by John Pethybridge on 28th May 2016 and last modified 4 years 9 months ago