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This website is designed to provide a powerful, convenient information service to existing and intending macadamia growers using a number of forums listed above.

**UPDATE Jan 2020 - This page is being replaced by a Facebook Based Buy and Sell Group to make it easier to post and more user friendly Go to If you would like to contribute to the forums and post messages then you need to create an account using your regular email address and password. **as at October 2019 there is an issue with the Create New Account function - new listing can be posted by emailing us *Note* the system does not like large image files and if you try to load a large file it may not work. If you have any issues please email us. ***Please add your region to all For Sale listings***

You can also submit advertising or promotional material via email and we'll put it up for you. All items will be removed once finalised or after 3 months has passed unless the item is updated online.

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